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Participatory Leadership for an Equitable World

Antonia Apolinário-Wilcoxon

Purposeful Planning & Facilitation to Create Impact for Justice

An immigrant of African descent from South America, I am multi-lingual, and bi-cultural, I have successfully navigated multi-sectors in the US for over 30 years. I worked in international finance for a commodities trading corporation doing business in Brazil. I convened a community-wide planning process to address the early childhood mental health needs of Head Start children and families, with groups including parents, service providers and funders, generating change in clinical practices that are still in place. I led efforts in organizational change by engaging senior managers in additional professional development to support outcomes accountability and develop/reinforce cultural competency among line staff. I am an effective, intentional change agent who cares deeply about facilitating the voice of those otherwise silenced, to bring about transformation of systems.  

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